Late night semi-disaster at work

Almost too quiet

Hectic day at work

Major payment issues over the weekend were no problem in the end

Cold run this morning

I have published my slack-fitbit-wifi thing

Free pizza at work today

Overslept but ran anyway

Another flat battery

Today was too busy

Almost pub o'clock

First days at school went well

First day in the new office

Oops woke Jim up a bit early today

Someone coming to collect the beetle

Demo went well

Still doing old school web design

Having a disastrous day at work

Lovely lunch at the Pullman

Just realised my t-shirt today is over twenty five years old

Got my Fitbit Versa, not super intuitive IMO

Presentation to the board went OK

Bought myself a Fitbit Versa

Not sure if the boys enjoyed Summer camp or not

Officially a runner

YEAH it ramped up this morning!

Up early for work rather than running

Busy Sunday

Epic pub walk Friday

Back doing PHP for the first time in ages

Busy day today

PTA Quiz was a success

Have been going spending crazy with the share money

I clicked the button to cash in my share save plan

Yep we got snow, loads of it!

When is my next bus?

haha Virgin Trains ditch the daily hate mail

We might get chucked out of swimming club

Fabulous weekend

AAARGH no more free Legoland tickets

Spending the whole day fixing system tests

7/10 would go elsewhere rather than pay by phone for parking

Tax paid!

Diet day today, and work review day, so I am furious

Happy birthday Mum!

Nice day for a bike ride

Nice Sunday too

Absolutely booted it down with rain last night

Laptop dead

In early this morning

Working tonight!

Hectic day at work today

Actually got that work project live in the end

Still really really busy

That's me done until after christmas!

Excellent security seminar at work

Traffic held up on the way home, by a mobility scooter

Testing my laptop battery

First day back went OK

Last WFH day of my secondment

My last few weeks of secondment

I keep thinking "I'm on holiday"

Next step for page speed I can remove even more messing about

Just did a great security workshop at work

Lovely birthday trip to London

Got infrared lights in the house now

More bus fun

Raspberry Pi Zero back in stock

I'm going for the secondment at work

I guess we didn't win the lottery last Wednesday then

Last night I dreamt number two son was a bee

Interesting take on "unlimited vacation"

And I'm back...

HEHA travel video launch

Really too busy to post anything all week

One for later


We're still looking for four or five people like me

Went to Escondido with work

Going to Escondido with work

We're looking for more software engineers

Autumn's here then

Childcare advice from workmates

Went to The Drum yesterday

Experimenting with deferred css loading

Js2coffee helps you migrate projects to CoffeeScript

Folkestone Beer Festival 26th September!

Changing the favicon dynamically

Beautiful day, the beach is packed with people

Surprise working from home


Yet another bank holiday weekend with no DIY

Just got moved to a new team at work

Chimichanga: surprisingly nice

Crashed the database

The Lego Movie

We're looking for an Internet World CFO

What I missed at team bowling last night

Good public speaking advice




All change at work

Just weighed myself

Converted my node test skeleton generator to mocha

Vows skeleton test generator update

Man alive it is hot - has anyone else noticed this?

Vows skeleton test generator

Back at work after a week off

Not a breath of wind today, but a good chance of thunder and lightning

Oh and last night Number two son slept through!

If this conference hadn't been at the weekend...

Number one's hearing has gone (but is recovering)

I might not go to The Harp on Wednesday!

Off to Vinopolis tomorrow

A couple of days off

It's christmas day at work today

When it says "4 years" on the box

Cold again

Day of hospitals

Who broke the internets???

Still at work

Working into the night tonight for a big server move

Looking for a couple of senior developers

Still too hectic at work

Crown Plaza FTW!

Hack Day

First draft of node pagespeed module, for HX Hackday

Presenting to the company today

I made The boy cry

Back at work after nearly a week off

Hey my venn diagram of rock is back!

The closing working minutes of 2011

Back at work

Damn lost my big weekend round up in cleaning up the spam

Merry Christmas

Work? On a Saturday morning?




Just waved Clare off to the airport

Farewell missing method magic, we hardly new you

Graph fun

My typing speed is 68wpm

Fresh Meat was good wasn't it?

Javascript ping

Holiday Extras Travel Awards

Just waiting for the nod to leave work

Cloud move take two

Back in work (it's 8pm)

Cloud move was 99% perfect

4.30 now and I'm still here

Career blog post

Cloud day

Volleyball and barbecue at work today

Heatwave is back

install perry FTW!

Boring tech stuff


Big project out the door today

A day of proper work

A hectic morning tracking down a bug

Back at work

Another cracking day today

back to normal today


A nice pair

The best day of all

In London again today

First live bookings on the big new work project at last!

Big new project is live


big new project is not even CLOSE to working in Internet Explorer

Woke up feeling refreshed

Getting VERY CLOSE to the end of phase one of this project now

Demo went really well today

Laura Ashley Milton robot cofee table


Back in London today

A full day of rails today

Found my book

Work christmas party kind of spoiled by snow

Pool competition at work today

Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow

Not the best start to the day

rake cucumber:wip

TFL dumping their API's ... is undefined

The boy's woken in the night EVERY DAY this week

Two days of intensive rails

RE: How do I insert the current date / time in a Coda clip? - 13736

Day two at FOWA 2010

Good game, good game

Whinge of the day

authlogic_facebook_connect refinery / refinerycms

Today's horoscope by email:

Progress in the new house

Last train journey to work

First day in a new job

House contract is signed

His Holiness?

Toothache has abated

House latest

Hard work today

Don't let me forget I am going to Ozzy on Tuesday

Football decision time...

HTML5 Rocks

Ooh-ah Nigeria ooh-ah Nigeria!

4am start again

Woo, being sent home!

Daily blog stats

A bookcase to match our bookcases

4am start today


Free pizza for everyone at work today

twitter annotations

Busy at work today

Does this look like a real skateboard to you?

Our trip to Dublin (part one)

So long 6Music

Hot head, cold feet

More vino

Instant Karma's gonna get you

Happy 2/3 birthday the boy

Big Boys Breakfast

I think the official line is

Jurassic (car) Park

Thanks to everyone who helped get the message through yesterday

What did they move the station for?

Bonus day off!

Bonus day off!

"normally the bane of our lives"?

Don't cross me today!

Starbucks at Stop 24 is closing

Snow blind!

I'm in work today

Too sick to give blood

A grey day today

Post christmas / pre work blues

Find Good Beer Guide Pubs on your iPhone / iPod Touch

Ate the seven bird vegan roast

Up in the middle of the night, to take the boy swimming

Get your taxis here!

So busy it's giving me a headache

I do not have a new job, I am not applying for another job

A night out in Chambers

Swine Flu Essentials

Trying to avoid thinking about work for a whole hour

Roast potato O'Clock

Kicking and screaming into the '90s!

Trying to time a roast dinner around feed and bath time, that's never going to work

Lots of jobs going at our place unshorten api call doesn't work :-(

What DAB radio IPOD dock should I get?

Evil weather here today

Came home for lunch today, and the boy slept right through it

Play and Stay me hearties

What the internet knows about you

Been for a family photoshoot today

Tiring day

Another successful sleep through the night

Woohoo eight hours sleep!

A hurried lunch at Brockhill Park

Training day yesterday

Training day yesterday

Horrible cup of coffee!

Join my team!

Possibly going to be on BBC local news today

Back at work

Can't believe I'm back in work tomorrow

Who says I'm unqualified?

Where'd my paternity leave go?

Due day plus EIGHT

I told you a sheep got into our office

I think I went for an interview at Sugar Media

Blogging suffering as a direct result of twitter


Productive use of a half day so far

Weaow! Weaow! Weaow! Ch-chik-chik-chik

Off to buy a car

Google maps... ENTERPRISE???

Thinking of starting on twitter again


Snowing here!

Lordy early start tomorrow

Ooh dicky tum today


The mini winner

I don't talk about work so much any more

Win a mini

Getting the weekend lined up

Something to push my desperate ticket touting from the top of the blog

Non political news

Got my Folkestone Literary Festival tickets

Splendid weekend of comedy, food, double dinners, and everything

No it does seem to have gone

Come on over to my place

Don't ye be forgettin' dawgs

Origami luggage labels

Hectic day at work today

Yes, very simple stuff

Prepare for php meltdown!

More video of Go Ape

Four videos on the blog at once, that's not what it's all about

Oo-oo-oo, we're going to the zoo-oo-oo

More Go Ape pictures

No lunch for me thanks

49.95 for eight days parking at Gatwick airport!

Too old to rock

I must have something more interesting to write about than php?

PHP 4 to 5 migration

Where'd the weekend go?

Kosso bigged up on techcrunch

Rents not so soaring

Farewell then, John Price

Google / Yahoo MERGER!

Work night out

Happy April Fool's

And we're half way through the week already!

Ooh, new Holiday Extras design:

Pasta and sauce confusion

Guessing it's not all redundancies at the BBC

Bad weather on a good day

Happy Anniversary to me

New BBC homepage

I think that "duck shoot" will be coming back soon

Through to the semi-finals


Thanks but I am a bit busy at the moment

Google Maps API + Thickbox

Realm 79 / BBC Kent Unsigned

The day's started well

I know you like to be kept up to date on my work fun days

Hell yeah, encouragement, that's what I need!

Magic Numbers every bit as good as I predicted

Morrissey vs The NME

Weekend train fun

Mulled wine! And BEER!

TFI The Weekend

Bless The Boot

Show And Stay

Folkestone bullet train trial

Programming is a poetry for our time

Site's been away for a few hours

Support Tacheback

The sister-in-law's waters have just broken

Good weekend, to be sure

Malice Box Quest

The announcement no-one was waiting for

Bayraider rocks \m/

The Fly


Three wheeled off road baby buggies

More redesign

News night

Clarke Family Tree