Blog2018 ≫ A day in Folkestone

Up early for a run Saturday morning, then back for a fairly relaxed morning. We had swimming planned, but couldn't go until after 10:30 because there are lessons in Folkestone. Swimming went quite well, still plenty of work to do. Only thing two and I went in while Clare and thing one waited in the cafe. A lovely surprise to find I owed for another term of gymnastics, at least I did not have to queue up in the dark for it this time though. Then left the car on the edge of Radnor Park and walked into town from there.

We had lunch in Cafe Villa (or rather Bella Vita as it has been renamed, and I found them to be a little flakey really. Confusion over the proper menu and the cafe menu, then forgot the boys food, then it was wrong when they brought it, then it was still not quite right when they brought it back. Mine was nice though, a vegan mediterranan sandwich on toasted sourdough, with grilled vegetables and tapenade with a side salad. That was good, and a bargain, but I think the other things were not as good and not as cheap, so a bit of a steep lunch really.

I bought some new shorts for running, wanted some that are nice and light so can easily take them to New York with me. I want to take hand luggage only, though Clare is packing a suitcase. Will see how much fun that is on the train and the subway from JFK. We also grazed a bit in town, bought the boys some books, and bought some nice food in County Fair, and nice cider too.

Next to eye tests for Clare and the boys, all is good, though thing two was hard to test, so he's going to have another appointment in six months. Thing one has twenty twenty vision. Thing two might be slightly short sighted in one eye, or he might just have been monkey about, so no glasses for him yet. We'll find out more at the next appointment.

Burgers and salad for tea, and I think I'll have the same again today.

Today just jobs around the house, and supervising homework (never fun), then an autumn walk up through the woods with the boys. Spotting things for homework, this was the more fun side of it. A full day of homework actually, it's not over yet, one of them is making jambalaya.

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