Blog2004 ≫ Manic Tuesday

Had a long weekend in Folkestone, but I have returned to chaos...,, and other work sites all down... not big issues to fix, but annoying... one of them the power lead had fallen out the back. came back with the clock set wrong, which triggered a big email job on the wrong day, which is not so good.

Getting lots of comment spam and referer spam on here now, not a big problem either but a bit annoying. Blocking people from posting left right and center. So look out! There's something called sna-0.0.1 crawling and apparently farming email addresses1, so look out for it.

Right so the weekend, a very tasty luxury to have that extra day off. Started off with a fairly quiet Friday night, just one drink in Wards so as to show someone it was as quiet as we'd said, then back for a great takeaway from the Cheriton Balti. We need a microwave soon really, or to bring my platewarmer down from London (good idea for xmas) our huge platters got a bit cold before we could finish things.

Saturday was Clare's Dad's birthday, we saw him, then went around Folkestone town centre, then headed off to the fairly average Watersedge in Hythe for a night of beer and pool. Had problems with taxis too, funny sort of a night, I think we ended up back in Cheriton. Plenty of booze was had by all...

Sunday was the night of the Chambers Quiz so we thought, but no, it's been put on hold until Christmas night, so it's fairly unlikely we'll be along there to defend our title, fun though it might be... in the end we made our own quiz, and took it along to The Clifton, and Clare scooped the prize. Seems now Chambers will be open New Years Eve, some sort of indie-disco affair, we'll have to see. Don't think any of the rest of our party would be keen to go there.

Monday we went to Canterbury, did a lot of shopping, best thing we bought was a HUGE wine glass, it's real glass and about a metre tall... we've filled it up with baubles and fairy lights, and we're going to put our presents under that instead of a tree.

💬 someone?!

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