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Spent most of yesterday doing doctory things, had to head down to the surgery and register, see a nurse, fill forms, fill something else, etc. Then much hanging around until I could get to see a doctor. Too much of this was in the waiting room. Parts of Folkestone are bad enough in the day anyway, all the people who are too sick / mental / criminal / lazy to work just hanging about, like in any town (isn't it?). Pop a doctor's surgery into the mix and I can't think of a worse place to be really. Lowlights were an odd woman who had a headache and so didn't go to work and had to tell everyone about it, and then a hyperactive girl of about 4 who was being ignored by her zombie mother. I was in and out of the actual doctor's in about two minutes, obviously keen to get more exciting patients in and earn more points. Him, not me, I don't earn points for seeing a doctor. All he said was "put some cream on it, and come back in two weeks".

I'll leave a little pause here so you can make up your own jokes... Ready?

I didn't say why I was going anyway, it's just some badness on my shin, a patch of dry skin that's been there for months. I thought maybe it was eczema or something, which would be WEIRD for someone my age to be getting for the first time. The doctor didn't know, just said put this cortisone steroid ointment on it and see how it goes.

Sort of sorry for boring you with my medical details like this, but a) I never ever go to the doctors, so this is the most interesting thing to happen to me in a while, and b) if I put medical type phraseology up here then Google serve the more expensive ads!

So, on the subject of google, I think their new google web pages1 service is up and running fully now, nice easy web page making for people who don't want to learn how it all works, and back on the subject of my leg one last time, should I take loads of pictures of it and then post them up here in the form of a stop motion video like Kosso's done with his beard2? Nic P3 recently had a link to a similar project involving someone growing a beard, go check it out...

More of today's news: At least two people on the train STANK this morning, that's not good. Oh, and yesterday while waiting for my prescription to be made up I took some pictures of some derelict shops in Folkestone4. Trying to figure out what will go in their place, there's a Starbucks on the way here.

Got some of my Javascript working nicely on here, I'm using some good ajax skills on my admin bits, will have to find a way to let site visitors benefit from it too. I need to do more on my CSS skills though, might give the site a bit of a design...

Very much looking to tomorrow's dinner at Escondido5, but before that we have to shop, in Lakeside, looking forward to that less.

javascript: Programming language of the internets, mostly how I make my living.

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