It is very quiet

It is very quiet

Seems like no-one else is getting up today. Clare has the day off and the boys are still asleep despite it being 8am.

I might as well work from home again today as everyone I would be working with is on holiday, but as we will probably have a house full here, and the roads are quiet, I think I will go.

My plans to go to football in two weeks have been scuppered. I find myself in Portsmouth, and they should be playing at home, and the boys are keen to go. However the match has been postponed because Victorious festival is on the same weekend. Could go to that, but it's not the afternoon experience with the boys I was looking for. Another option for that day would be go to to Southampton where there is an IKEA and try to pick up some of those Symfonisk lamps. They're not available for home delivery but are in some stores... just not Southampton. Only five stores have them at the moment, I will have to wait. I am destined not to get these lamps.

Think I will take the boys to Rock Up as it was fully booked last time we were there.

Made the briefest of starts of my new exercise infographic yesterday. I'm going to take my exercise stats from fitbit etc and put them into a graph, so instead of just showing "19k steps walked today" I can do something more interesting with it. I have lots of stats about time spent exercising, whether it was gentle or more active etc. It will be interesting, honest. Oh also yesterday I activated my Strava account. I went for a run in the evening too, only to Sandgate and back, but that does not take me along any Strava routes. Still I can get lots of stats out of that too.

Time for work.

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Tue Aug 13 2019

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