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The Observer says Stokey is the best place to be a parent, aside from the smack, crack and stabbings I guess. Cheerier news from Folkestone, WiMAX trials in January, from someone called, yeah Folkestone's where it's at baby! Can't wait to be back down there this weekend, no-one seems to be in the mood for working this week. Got quite a lot on at the moment too. Highlight of the actual week will be The Darkness at Brixton Academy tomorrow. Nice to see them on The South Bank Show last night, though they glossed over some things I'd like to have seen covered, like all their early London pub gigs that we went to... Guess there's plenty of footage of their American tour, but not of the early days.

Nice weekend in Fareham, got abused by the nephews and drunk with the friends, that's probably the right way round. Watched Pompey lose in in the pub, then back to mate's house for more drinking and GTA San Andreas

Dad, I will find a new picture to put up here soon, though I'll do my best to make you sorry you asked...

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