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The telly is in now, and it's massive and mad! Very pleased with it, got a bit nervous about having to set it up ourselves, but all worked smoothly. The built in digital tuner picked up all digital channels smoothly, even with our bent coathanger of an aerial. It's so good to have a decent range of channels now, I wonder if it's too late to cancel our Sky setup..? The motorised stand is way cool too, though I'm sure the novelty will wear off, how much do you need to move your telly around? Maybe in the summer, when it's really hot, we could be swinging it back and forth so it works like a fan.

The Mighty Boosh tonight, looking forward to that a lot, glad my cold is on it's way out.

A mail from, they have a book coming out, it's all a bit vanity publishing nouvea - the content of the book is farmed from user contributions to the site, so they email everyone who's comment they might use to encourage them to buy the book, clever... I probably won't buy the book, but I won't block any of my witty reviews, that sounds fair.

Fancy seeing your name in print? As you'll already know if you subscribe to our newsletter, BITE is teaming up with the Friday Project to produce a book on London pubs as reviewed by the people that know them best -- the people who drink in them!

We're beavering away collating the comments we'd like to see in the finished product, and we're mailing you because some of yours have made the first shortlist. But rather than just go ahead and use them, we'd like to make sure it's OK with you.

All you need to do is follow this link:

You'll be able to choose which comments you'd like us to use, and also whether or not you'd like your username displayed next to them in the book.

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