Blog2009 ≫ Post christmas / pre work blues

In theory anyway, I don't mind going back to work tomorrow

Well not really. I think that's how I should be feeling as this is the last day of my week off, back in to work tomorrow. But actually it's a nice sunny day (looked very frosty this morning) and we're off to Canterbury for lunch and it's weekendtastic but not actually a weekend.

I had a lovely christmas, quiet in parts not seeing as many people as we do some years. Good eating and drinking all round, unfortunately I took all the empties to the dump yesterday before filling out my wine diary, but I'm sure we had some great stuff. I got some more as presents, in presentation boxes which makes it more likely I will store them and less likely I will just spontaneously crack one open.

The boy got us a christmas present somehow, a trip to Dublin in the spring, he will stay with Granny for two nights. Also I got some very nice clothes and a rubiks cube1 which is great. I did not solve one first time round but am getting close now. Christmas night I was home with The boy and went through some tutorials and learned how to do some of it, and then the following day while I was at the Chambers quiz and actually solved it. Neither of us could go right through without resorting to notes yet, I am struggling on just turning one of the last corner pieces without fouling the rest of it up. Great present anyway, puzzling but not actually like a game that I have to play with other people.

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