Blog2018 ≫ Late night semi-disaster at work

Working hard yesterday to fix up an issue with duplicate bookings appearing for customers. Think we have narrowed it down to a new "upsell" feature someone introduced and put in a temporary fix while we make sure. I checked on the status of the fix just before settling down to watch Mystery Road last night, and disaster! It had blocked sixteen genuine customers, but without finding any duplicate bookings. I couldn't leave this so had to log in, write some code, find someone online to review it (a director - you'll do) and hopefully mitigated things.

Still got up early this morning, did not sleep well, but it is my brain whizzing away so don't feel tired. Did not run though, decided on a rest day, back on it tomorrow.

How will today go? Will I be the guy who found and fixed a problem, or the one who broke something..?

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