Blog2011 ≫ Cloud day

It's come around fast, today is the day we move all our web systems up to Amazon Web Services for hosting, instead of hosting all our own web servers. This has been a major project, rewriting quite a lot of code and a lot of testing that is not quite finished... we were all ready to go a month ago but then held it back so as not to put clash with one part of the business's peak booking period. Now the day is here! We're startinga t midngiht tonight, yes I'm here all night. I'm going home at 5 today so I will be there for the boy, then when we've put him to bed I'm coming back and staying until it's done, about 3am I think.

Would be ideal if I'd had a good night's sleep last night, but no. I kept waking up, and woke up early. Partly worry and excitement about this project, but mostly the noise of the wind and the rain - did we really get the tail end of a hurricane? I was probably more worried about our recycling bins which were out than I am about this cloud project. As expected I woke this morning to paper for recycling scattered down the street, though not from our box, which I'd secured with a big stone.

The boy was a monkey at nap time apparently, still away an hour and a half after put him down. She finally had to go in and tell him "you'll be too tired to go to the park if you don't go to sleep" which panicked him, so he forced his eyes closed and all was good. He's been particularly cute this week, not sure what it is. He is just the loveliest boy in the world, and some days we notice it more than others.

In other progress, he has been using the toilet for the past two weeks. He's bypassing the potty stage I think, though he's not ready to tell us when he needs the loo, so still in nappies. If we think he needs to go and ask him, then he does, so it's progress of sorts. Also this week he has sat happily on a big swing instead of the caged in baby swings.

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