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Tickets for The Who, at the Roundhouse, Camden1, 29th October, doing some sort of rock opera it seems, part of a whole week of hot gigs there called BBC Electric Proms. Good work Nic P2 in getting tickets for Damon Albarn's thing the following day... There might still be tickets available, they're releasing them in batches throughout the day. Otherwise ebay is your friend again...

Hmm, no popex link this time :-(

Had an embiggenning walk around Folkestone earlier, as us unemployed people are wont to do. Progress really is being made on the new super shopping centre. Other things to please my otherwise unoccupied mind were; Oyster Bay Sauvignon Blanc at 5.24 in Sainsburys, Some tree fellers, felling some trees, and someone who'd knocked the wall down with their car outside Paul's Restaurant.

Local event update thing, some youths are doing Terry Pratchett's "Carpe Jugulum"3 as a play, at the Tower Theatre Conversion (formerly the Garrison Church) in Shorncliffe, Folkestone, on the 30th of August at 7:30pm. Ticket info on Folkestone Gerald. That is the theatre group that Clare was in when she was at school, I think we're going to go along.

Back to my daytime TV and waiting for the phone to ring.

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