Blog2018 ≫ Massive weekend

Massive Friday night out, the likes of which I have not seen for a long time.

Started with working from home in the morning, then an afternoon off and a dash for the train. We walked from St Pancras across town with a plan to stop in shops on the way. Clare returned a jacket she had bought to unburden us a little then first to the Brewdog in Soho, which was awesome. We each had a flight of beers, that were all great.

Next to check in to the Travelodge in Drury Lane, Covent Garden. A smaller room than we're used to but HEY it's just the two of us rather than the full family. We decided to eat after the comedy show, so I got a snack from Holland And Barrett and then to The Harp (or is it really called The Welsh Harp?) for three halves of cider and a sit down. I bought three at once to sample them and settled into the perfect position, a wing back chair in the corner upstairs to read the book I'd bought at the station. There were no newspapers to be had, and we were both reading quite chunky tomes right now so took a chance on some Agatha Raisin books from the charity bookstall. And they're great! Clare has read some before, I read my first one over the course of the weekend. Very easy reading and lightweight but an enjoyable crime drama. Next to meet Clare for the comedy, she had been shopping.

A quick race through a huge christmas market in Leicester Square, then to be honest running a bit late to meet Clare at the Leicester Square Theatre for Henning Wehn. Got in just in time to get a couple of glasses of wine before the show started, and then BLAM Clare kicked hers right over. A lot of it went on the bloke sat next to me. He was proper passive aggressive about it, so I stopped apologising very quickly. The show was great, split in two parts, a "greatest hits" (old jokes) first, then interval, and only then the new show. Still, very good, very funny, very enjoyable.

Tea at Mildred's after the show, I liked it a lot. We had to wait quite a while for a table, but fair enough. Clare thinks not quite worth waiting for. From here I'm not sure, I think straight to the Crobar, for heavy metal. From there (surely it's bed time by now?) to The Cambridge, just for the thrill of there still being a reasonable looking pub open. Last time we were up we struggled to find a good pub that wasn't kicking out at eleven. Then from here probably back to the hotel bar, where we sat up for far too long with a friendly group of freemasons. So to bed very late indeed.

Next day failed to get a good breakfast, and went in lots of book shops buying gifts.

Nice to be back Saturday afternoon, so we still had plenty of weekend left. Didn't do a great deal with it, though I did walk to Hythe and back. Have not done any running for about a week.

Planned to go to the Inn Doors Saturday night but strangely did not feel like it... I did really fancy a curry ready meal but could I find one?

NCT party in the afternoon at The Grand. This was our tenth annual party apparently! Will we still be doing it when the kids are approaching twenty..?

Finally got my curry on Sunday night from the Clay Oven.

I put on approximately 2kg this weekend!

💬 Henning Wehn

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