Free tickets to see Craig Armstrong at the Barbican

Free tickets to see Craig Armstrong at the Barbican

Well, not really free, you have to win them, I have a pair to give away for his show on Sunday. No I wasn't aware of him either, but from the Barbican website ( we have:

Composer Armstrong is no stranger to collaboration, working with artists such as Massive Attack and [Madonna](/wiki/#madonna) and writing many award-winning [film](/wiki/#film) soundtracks. After a sell-out orchestral performance at last years elektronic [festival](/wiki/#festival) at the Barbican, [the Glasgow](/wiki/#glasgow)-based composer here presents an exclusive selection of material, including tracks from his first solo album The Space Between Us and the world premiere of the long-awaited follow up As If to Nothing on Virgins Melankolic label. Plus excerpts from his [film](/wiki/#film) scores Plunkett & Macleane and his two Baz Luhrmann hits Romeo + Juliet and Moulin Rouge. Guests include Paul Buchanan from the Blue Nile, Antye Greie-Fuchs from [German](/wiki/#german) post-rockers Laub, soprano Catherine Bott, ex-Lemonhead Evan Dando, Wendy Stubbs and David McAlmont.

So there you go. Tickets go to the person who emails the most famous people called Craig to Best put who they are, what they do, as if I've not heard of them I won't count them. Tickets will be biked out to you this afternoon! Please don't bother entering unless you can go to the gig, this is totally sold out it would be a shame if the tickets went to someone who wouldn't appreciate it. Also include your address and a contact number. This competition will self destruct at 4pm.

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Fri Apr 05 2002

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