Blog2010 ≫ Last train journey to work

I suspect I will never see chicken van man now...

Yesterday was my last train journey to and from work, I didn't realise this at the time and did not really savour it... I did get it free though, in too much of a hurry to buy a ticket on the way there and did not see a ticket inspector, win!

I'm in work today, but have the car, as a treat. Tomorrow I have the day off and the boy and I will be doing last minute packing (ie going to Chambers or Googies or Starbucks and packing in as many drinks and biscuits as we can while Clare is at work).

Friday is moving day, Monday is the next day back in work where I will be getting the bus initially, then getting a bike through the cycle scheme from The Hub Cycle Shop and riding in. At least once. At least part way, then abandoning the bike somewhere on Lympne Hill and calling a taxi.

No more getting the train probably means I will never see white chicken van man who attempted to abduct someone from work (or at least, stopped and offered them a lift, in a foreign accident).

Using github.com1 in anger today, and installing mysql on my new laptop, I need to run all my server type things on the laptop now, like a real developer. Previously I have always made use of a server somewhere...

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