Blog2007 ≫ Free bonus bit of decoration

Got decorators in right now, finally getting our earthquake damage done, and they've done a nice job so far. They just came back for a couple of hours finishing off today, and one of them confessed that he'd broken one of our pictures. "No problem, which one?", I says, then AAARGH NO! That's not a picture, that's my original Revolver and you've put your foot through it! They took all our framed recordsd off the wall to paint, guess I should have put them away safely somewhere...

As it turns out only the glass in the frame is broken, no harm done. I did pay them back by getting them to have another look at a corner in the bathroom where it looks like the paint has run, and that turned out to be because of the condensation, and they might have to do the whole lot again. Maybe it's karma.

Other than the little scare over the record, they've been great, starting early and being all gone by the time I get in. They're English too which surprised me, I thought it was the law that all builders (all good builders) were Polish these days? I would recommend them (if I knew who they were and that) and would call them again if I had other work to do.

Thanks for the wine feedback everyone, looks like we probably won't be trying one until after christmas now because we're going to do a cheeky booze run before then, I will try and pick up some more interesting bottles then.

Work xmas lunch Friday, very nice. More to post later from the weekend, will try and sort out the pictures from it.

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