Blog2003 ≫ Life Savings

Have invested my life savings in a property redevelopment thing in Kiln Road, Fareham, Hampshire, very exciting. We'll see the plans for converting a two bedroom bungalow into a nice four bedroom house here soon1. I hope2.

The bungalow before they started messing with it.

Also, fingers crossed, I have enough left to put down a deposit on a place in Folkestone, if I get my arse in gear enough to look properly... The property search thing I signed up to sent me this nice looking two bedroom place I can in no way afford in Stokey3 and also this four bedroom place at half the price in Folkestone4... that must be a flat there, not the wholeplace, right? Aha, CT17 9SJ is actually Dover, not Folkestone, don't want to live there...

Searching by postcode is ace, though I now find out that the cheapest place on the list5 is right by bird's parents house...

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