Blog2018 ≫ Not sure if the boys enjoyed Summer camp or not

They have both come back a bit cranky from their Summer camp thing today. They did various sports in the morning including football and basketball and things, and then trampolining in the afternoon. They mentioned another boy being mean which is a shame. It would be good for them to go to more different things like this, as they're at such a small school with few other kids. However neither of them is keen to go back there this Summer.

Have had a hectic day at work today... I heard Thursday morning just before heading off for the long weekend that something had been found broken, but I had no time to help. In fixing that broken thing they reverted a thing I had fixed, and in trying to fix that thing they introduced a third problem, so decided to leave it all for me today. It's partly my fault as it should not have been possible to knock out my work, if I'd done it and communicated it properly. But mostly it's not.

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