Blog2006 ≫ An honest day's work!

Lawks, that frightened me a bit, today I have been WORKING! Not real work, tapping on a keyboard, but monkeying about decorating Dean's front room. We worked all day on it, and to be honest it's looking slightly worse than when we started, so I think I'd better go back tomorrow to help put it straight. I'm spattered with paint from doing the ceiling, and from certain angles these white flecks on my hair look a bit like strands of grey. Can you imagine!

Had a request on FG, so did a little bit of online research and found some quite interesting local history here, I might do more of that, it's good to know what local places used to be.

Reading: Child's Play1 Listening to: Kenickie Eating: Penne arrabiata Regretting: Being so weak that a bit of painting is making me ache

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