Blog2006 ≫ Nice long weekend in Sandgate, Folkestone, Hythe and Portchester

FINE weekend, thank you far asking, good long weekend too, but a bit tiring. Thursday was birthday day (my birthday and also the wife's birthday), and while we were working in the day we'd booked the Friday off so we could have a night out with no fear of an early morning. We went for a few drinks in The Ship with more family and friends and it was very nice indeed.

Friday, nice to have a lie in and then out for lunch, we were heading for Office but got distracted by the thought of Thai food in Skuba. It was GREAT to sit out in their garden when we should have been at work, reading the papers while waiting for our lunch to arrive - this is the life I was thinking, I could do this every day, is there a way to make it pay? The food itself wasn't the best, the vegetables in my red curry seemed tinned, and there wasn't any great heat to it either, bah. Nice enough though and I think if I go for a different dish next time it might be better. The location and atmosphere (helped along by what a lovely day it was) just about compensated for the lunch. Spent the rest of the day meandering around town - still no sign of Starbucks anywhere, but I did see the elusive dolphin" off shore.

Friday night we had our proper birthday night out, taken out for a meal by Clare's bro and fiance to Truffles. I was a bit apprehensive, as we'd checked out the menu when it first opened (it used to be Panchos and La Bamba) and there was nothing for me, and I'm not usually the type to say "just make me something". Someone else was booking, so they did, and it was FANTASTIC. Shame to not see it busier in there, I don't understand it not being packed to the rafters, I heartily recommend it. I should write more in Folkestone RestauRANTS when I get time...

The weekend proper I was off at my sister's house, for a big barbie for her husband's birthday. It all caught fire in a big way, hot fat melted through a rubber gas hose - no-one went for a fire extinguisher but everyone grabbed their mobile phone instead to film it. I have [froogle=sony ericsson w810i]a new phone with video on it[/froogle], so I might youtube this later...

Back at work today, more fun to report later.

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