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Hey great to hear everything is ok - I would take everything the "during pregnancy" midwives tell you with a bag of salt. I can tell you a million stories on how they let us down time and time again. The ones who support you during labour during hospital though are amazing.

We only used grobags for ours, you have no stress about them throwing off their covers during the night as they can't get out. Also when they get older, it stops them climbing out or standing up (when they are quite young). Gives you better sleep :o) So go buy lots and lots...

Dude, also get yourself one of these:

A breathing monitor (the kind they use in hospitals). The best 70 GBP you will ever spend. You constantly hear them apparently stop breathing (only to find they switched from noisy to quiet breathing) - stops a million panics in the night and they really really work. Cannot RECOMMEND them enough - we recommended them to everyone (D&S, B&D, J&R etc) and no one regrets them. DO NOT buy the tommy tippee imitation, you get what you pay for. This will make your wife very very happy.

Oh, they do them in bundles on that site to with e.g. regular monitors. Don't even think about it, go buy it. If I'm wrong, I'll give you 70 GBP :o)

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