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Running again this morning, did just about 5k. Now I have changed my units to kilometres instead of miles it feels like I have a more achievable target. My watch is now flashing 5'20" as my time-per-kilometre, and I can get that under 5m I think. When it's the time per mile it feels a lot more, more like 8'40" and that's going to be harder to get to the next natural target of eight minutes.

I'm looking into the Fitbit API too, I want to update my Slack status with run stats, maybe post them up here automatically. It's complicated but this page is really helpful1. I used it at the weekend to grab my average daily step count (16,769) and my best badges:

!30,000 steps in a day2 !6,649 lifetime kilometers3 !100 floors in a day4 !20,000 lifetime floors5

It could soon get more boring automatically posting these, but I'm hoping to get the stats from the last run I did and plot those.

Working from home today.

5k: Five kilometres, just over three miles in old money.

20k: Twenty km, just over twelve miles.

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