Blog2008 ≫ IPAQ battery

  1. How frequently can you recharge the battery?

Due to the nature of the batteries used in all iPAQ models you can recharge as often and for as long as you like. Your battery will not be damaged by this practice nor can it be overcharged, constant charging of the iPAQ's battery will actually improve the battery's life span.

Hmm, that advice is from... a site that sells IPAQ batteries! I'm sure its kosher though. Got to get the little computer working again so Clare can catch up on some TV shows that I've already seen.

UPDATE: that site1 will pay me 1102 for my IPAQ, even in it's current non working condition3, how bizarre, it must be worth plenty as spares. Going to get a friend at work to check it out though instead, he's fixed these before.

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