Blog2006 ≫ ZZ blows his top

So what was said then? Must surely have been something racial. Man alive it's a dirty game.

Cream-crackered today, don't feel like I rested for a second at the weekend, not only did we stay up far too late on Saturday, but we went OUT on a FRIDAY! This is unheard of... We spontaneously decided to check out The Master Brewer [s]on the Broadmead estate[/s] in Broadmead village, what what, and it was alright. Pool table, darts tournament going on, real ale, food, big tellies, garden, a bit local though. It's possibly the nearest real pub to our flat though, we may return.

Saturday was great, I wasted hours messing around with the TV card on the computer, failing to digitise wedding videos and things. Also had a wonder down town, still no sign of Starbucks though. Saturday evening we were adventurous again in our choice of venues. Started off with an overpriced glass of warm white wine in The Hythe Imperial1, before heading to The Hope Inn, then some other pub on Hythe High Street that I can't remember the name of, and then back to the Hope again. That's a nice pub, though it shut a bit early, so we headed on to Dom and Jen's and carried on drinking in their garden. I carried out my plan this time to video our evening, and I might just share it with you via the magic of youtube2 or google video3 at some point. Once I've cleaned up all the swearing.

Sunday was a write-off, I bumbled through our shopping and watched some TV.

Nice story here about an albino squirrel spotted in Croydon4, where is the video footage though? Also

Female greys mate only twice a year, but males may mate at any time. The size of a litter is usually between three and nine, but the male plays no part in the rearing of his young,which are born in March or June.

*working it out* that sounds like a whole lot of gay [squirrel](/wiki/#squirrel) loving the rest of the year then doesn't it? Look out, there's some kind of anti-[squirrel](/wiki/#squirrel) diatribe in tonight's "Saxondale" too.
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