Blog2010 ≫ I am ubuntuing

Folkestone celebrity Shane Record knows someone who may want this old computer I am chucking out to use as a real computer, so just checking it still works and seeing if there's much in the way of personal data on it. Should have done that before I planned to chuck it out I guess. Well, it's on and working and look I'm even on the internet on it. Have shifted it into the front room so I can put it on the wired network, trying to install updates over wifi always made it crash before. Ironic that the only tme I'll get it working properly is in order to throw it out. Anyway, no monitor or keyboard with this (got it plugged into the telly) so probably it's going to end up at the tip.

Went to Canterbury today, lovely and sunny to start with, didn't last long. Took a detour home via Newington and Peene in order to get the boy to sleep in the car.

Clare is out tonight so I will be doing more broken computering I expect.

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