Blog2018 ≫ I am good, the weather is bad

Think I'm pretty much over the man flu that has knocked me out since christmas, though Clare was coughing very well in the night last night. Hope she is not coming down with anything new, she refused to take the day off sick today. Weather is rubbish today, walked the boys to school in miserable rain and fairly high wind. Working from home today, so will be out walking along the beach in this horizontal drizzle, but do not have to pick the boys up from school as Grandpa is on duty today.

No bids on the coffee table1 yet but five watchers. I have been looking at the price VW Beetles are going for (no not thinking of buying another one) most of those that are up for sale seem to be incomplete / not running / without MOT etc, very odd. But still going for thousands.

I of course still drive a 1971 VW Beetle, though I do vary in my enthusiasm for it. Maybe I'll get it properly fixed up again, but it's seeming unlikely now, it's hard enough to just keep it driveable.

At points in the past I did list interesting VW Beetles for sale on ebay here, and maybe I will again one day.

Oh also several beetles seem to be sold having already been chopped in half! Seen a few made into sofas, desks, and one turned into a barbecue...

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