Blog2008 ≫ Radio 1 big weekend lineup

This is a free festival in Maidstone in a couple of weeks, you can register for tickets today, but please don't, it will decrease my chance of getting any:

Saturday 10 May Main Stage Madonna, The Fratellis, Usher, Scouting For Girls, Duffy, The Feeling, Robyn, The Hoosiers

Sunday 11 May Main Stage The Kooks, The Enemy, Nelly, Goldfrapp, The Pigeon Detectives, Newton Faulkner, OneRepublic, Adele

Not my dream lineupk, not a great lineup, but an undoubtedly big lineup, particularly at the top of Saturday there. I guess it'll be a very short PA type set rather than the full gig experience. Also guessing (as she's still snoozing on the train to work as I write this) that as we can only go to one day (if we are in the lucky 1% who win tickets) she'd like to see Madonna.

My first pop concert was Madonna, [gigography=1987]over twenty years ago[/gigography]...

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