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We have to have a security guard in over the christmas period as there are so few people about, I was hoping for a minute there he wasn't going to let me in... other than that no problems getting to work today.

Played a bit of SSX 3 and Return of the King, didn't get very far on either of them... it's good to play SSX again against the bird without her knowing all the secret routes and tricks down the mountain, I'm sure it won't be long before she's ahead of me again though - anyone out there know of any SSX 3 hints and tips?

Got an annoying note from UPS, who I guess are supposed to be delivering my iTrip - there's an 18 pound customs charge on it, how unfair is that? This will end up costing me a load, and I didn't really want it anyway, I just ordered one as you weren't supposed to be able to get them here...

Diversion problems on the 106 bus route I suspect, there's a yellow sign at the bus stop that I would get off at on the way home saying the stop is out of use... the bus into work (towards Finsbury Park) is still going along the normal diverted route, down to The Tup and round Clissold Park, but on the way home it must be diverted elsewhere, a magical mystery tour...

It's very quiet here. I was up early today, so I had toasted sandwiches for breakfast, with mushroom and onion and tomato and that, yum. I did 5k on the exercise bike too, a quick burst of old year resolution.

5k: Five km, about three miles in old money.

💬 106 Diversion

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