Blog2018 ≫ Nintendo Switch was a hit

We knew the Nintendo Switch was going to be a big hit for the birthday today. Hope it has sunk in that it is a shared gift and they're not to expect something else this big on the other one's birthday, nor for christmas now.

We stuck to the plan of giving him the game he had asked for as a present, even though he would not have the console to play it on. He was going to save up for the console or maybe get it for christmas. He knows the value of these things and couldn't expect hundreds of pounds of console AND expensive games all at once.

He was pleased with his other gifts, some books and some toiletries and plenty of money. Then we rolled out the big guns, like it was an Apple conference. "Oh, and one more thing", in the lounge, a TRAMPOLINE from mum and dad. They were both really excited with this, I had always told them we have no room for one in our back garden (we don't) but we have relented and will give it a go. Got a good couple of hours assembling that tomorrow, so hope it is a nice day. Is beautiful out there today, so fingers crossed.

Finally, there's another gift, and it's time for them to unwrap the Nintendo Switch together. There was shock and awe, no waiting until christmas after all! Then we had one extra gift from Auntie Kez of the steering wheel controllers, and then yet another game from us.

The console itself looks really good, easy to set up. I had last minute panics that it was entirely a handheld console, but no, there is a dock and it flows seamlessley from an awesome handheld to an awesome TV based console. There was one small software update to do, and then wifi setup, then I just managed to plug in the cartridge for Mario Kart 8 before it was time for them to go to school and me to go to work...

They will be so excited all day, which is a great feeling.

PTA Quiz tonight, it's sort of in hand. We have a license for the booze, but no actual booze yet. Our booze shopper has gone awol. Might be an emergency trip to the supermarket tonight...

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