Blog2007 ≫ Weekend train fun

Planning a little trip to Winchester tomorrow evening, to catch up with old friends and have a curry and a few drinks. Staying over, so no worries about trying to get back here, and then meeting Clare in London the next morning for shopping and things. Should be a nice easy trip from Winchester, but annoyingly there's a replacement bus service that has to take me to Woking or somewhere, boo... it's going to take me hours. Still just means leaving that bit earlier, and snoozing on the bus and eventually the train, it'll be like old commuting times again. London will be good, make a nice change, don't suppose we'll actually get any of our christmas shopping sorted though...

Nice to see that on wagamama.com1 we can get a voucher entitling us to a free bottle of wine if we eat in Wagamama in Soho, if we were off to Canterbury as normal, we'd only get a free side order. Still worth having though, go to wagamama.com1 and join up.

Work has still been hectic, finally re-re-launched Show and Stay, the site we re-launched a few weeks back. For one reason and another it was rolled back to the old version, but today we put it up live again, and there's actually been live bookings on it, so it seems to be working this time. It's given me real headaches this week, I can't help taking every single bit of feedback personally, even though some things are out of my hands. It's on a "split test" so you'll only see it if you go directly in through that link I sent or through one of their google ads. Until it's bedded in and proved itself...

I was about to point out some of the bits of code that I'm particularly pleased with, but I've just noticed a glaring error with one of them, so I'll keep quiet until tomorrow.

Watching: Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix, not expecting much from it but Clare was keen.

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