Blog2018 ≫ No running today

I did 28,000 steps yesterday, according to my new Fitbit, I hope it is counting accurately. That was my morning run, my lunchtime walk, and then my evening pub walk too. I was out of work a bit early, making up some time, and so got to Sandgate just before the Inn Doors opened. It was so nice walking along the beach, seeing everyone still sunbathing and swimming, proper holidayish. So I kept walking and went in to Folkestone instead - thought I could fit in a little more walking and a little less drinking before I had to be back home again by seven-ish. I had one pint of a light hoppy ale in the Firkin, that is a good comfortable micropub. Saw the new Junction 13 pub opposite, that is a strange one and did not appeal. It seems to be taking part of the micropub concept, popping up in a previously non-pub venue, but without the real ale / interesting drinks side of it.

I did not even consider going in to Chambers, just didn't seem like the day for that. It alwasy would have been my number one choice back in the day!

Finally back to the Inn Doors, it was pleasantly busy but none of my semi-regular group in there. So, home.

Oh I also managed seven chin ups on Clare's new chin up bar in the morning, and then up to nine in the evening, get me. Our lounge is looking like a gym now, we need to get organised.

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