Blog2012 ≫ Pub challenge

Tonight's the night of the pub quiz and dinner... Not sure how this is going to work with everyone being on a diet and not drinking. The pub are going to get a bit annoyed with us if we sit there and don't spend much I'd have thought...

On a scandalous quiz related topic though, over the christmas period we didn't do the quiz. Another regular team who did realised they were doing quite badly and get a miserably low score so they USED OUR NAME. Pretty shocking stuff I'm sure you'll agree. Today we are changing our team name to "All Joan's Team Are Bastards".

(It was someone called Joa in the team who used our name, in case that was not clear).

Today I did my lunchtime walk in to Lympne and back. 4584 steps so far, 3392 aerobic.

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