Blog2005 ≫ My last Friday, Saturday and Sunday as a single man

I feel I have messed up a bit. My last weekend as a single man was spent partly shopping and mostly sat at home watching DVDs, how sad. Still, it was good. Friday we stayed in for some reason, we were planning to do one or other of our last remaining wedding tasks. Can't remember if we did or not though. Saturday I borrowed a car and drove up to Bluewater again, and bought a desk like this for me:1

and an IPOD mini for Clare. Did I say before that I love Bluewater? Had lunch in Nandos, for a change. Looked at some more ace furniture in John Lewis too, we're going to have a good old spend up after the honeymoon.

Tried to get Deano working wirelessly at home, managed to configure the router so things were working wiredly, but must have missed a trick somewhere, so had to leave it all unworking. Went home and fixed up my own computer, upgraded the firmware on my router, as advised by Best Man Andy, and now I can FTP again to my hearts content - got some more recent pictures up on the site.

Saturday evening bridesmaid-and-flatmate Emma was down. In Folkestone, visiting, in preparation for the wedding, not down in the dumps or anything, she was probably quite happy about visiting. We went to Chambers, but it was a bit quiet (should have checked the gig guide, guessing people were at The Amphitheatre), so we got some booze and went back to ours. And watched Gladiator2, what had I done to deserve that..? Last night we were planning to go to the Chambers quiz, but it wasn't on, very disappointing. So more staying in and watching films including (Meet the Fockers2, what a lot of focking robbish).

Weather's looking fine, twenty-two degrees on Friday at the moment... Could do without being in work these next few days, but perhaps I'd just wind myself up making myself nervous...

💬 Can I just say...

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