Blog2012 ≫ Git

AS I'm back in the land of Git1 at work again (mostly we use SVN2 but I'm on the cool project again) I thought I would start publishing my own repository3. See some of my scraps of source code there that I use here. My datemonkey quiz code is there, so is some of my javascript from here and my new robot house experiments.

Have stumbled a bit with robot house, it is the fear of needing to connect up a relay to the mains - actually wiring this delicate looking little circuit board in to a 240v supply. I'm sure it'll be fine, the actual wiring is only like wiring in a socket or a light switch, I can do that. The main thing is that a socket and a light switch are designed to be hidden inside a wall so there is no danger of any little toddler fingers getting inside the wall and touching a connection. If I just buy a relay from Toolstation or wherever, where to I put it? Can I get a relay that gits inside a dry liner and has a blanking plate and so on? That's what I need.

Otherwise Andy sensibly suggests connecting the arduino only up to a remote control sender and then buying remote control receivers for the sockets and bulbs I want to control. Much more sensible, but it seems like cheating a bit. It's a good start though.

I have so many arduino related plans, but no time or skills to execute them yet. Robot butler is obviously a long way of, but my theoretically simple robot guitar and exercise bike are still just over the horizon too. If you want any leds turning on or off though, I'm your man.

arduino: Microcontroller, hardware prototyping platform, a tiny specialised computer.

javascript: Programming language of the internets, mostly how I make my living.

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