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Paul; Even though you are not actively in the market for a new position, your site prompted me to contact you nonetheless.
I have been retained by a fortune 500 firm in NYC to identify "open source talent" I am currently searching for 4 Sr Perl developers to work on their CMS. The backend is Linux and MySql. I am also searching a an experienced MySql DBA (this is a tough one)

These folks strive to write clean object-oriented

(/wiki/#code) and make judicious use of CPAN. They are open source friendly, both in terms of using and contributing to open source.
Please feel free to call me.  I have been doing this a long time and am always planting seeds today and reaping the rewards (bi-lateral) tomorrow.
If you can help me I also pay referral fees.
Happy [New Year](/wiki/#new/year)

Salvatore Petrara, CPC

💬 Thanks but I am a bit busy at the moment

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