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We went OUT last night, on a school night, to the Leas Cliff Hall, to see OZZY OSBOURNE! The legendary prince of darkness comes to Folkestone for some reason that we still cannot quite fathom. It's some sort of warm up for ITunes Festival1 which is going on this weekend, but not quite sure why he picked us. Still, appreciated, and at a fulsome 35 quid a ticket not really doing us that much of a favour.

Went for a cheeky beer in Chambers before the show, which was also smashing. We should go out more. Got to the gig just in time for Ozzy though took a minute to pose for this photo as I'm sure lots of people did. Did not work out quite as well as this one in LA, but still.

The crowd looked strange as we went in, why are so many people looking back at us and why do they all look the same? No wait a moment, everyone is wearing an Ozzy mask, mostly on the top or the back of their head. Free masks, you don't see that enough at gigs. We saved ours for the nephews, I hope they appreciate them and don't just complain that we didn't get autographs.

Very busy gig, as expected, a good natured crowd though a bit tall really. Worked our way round to the side as Ozzy opened up with Bark At The Moon, then the title track off the new album I think, then a good set of classic Ozzy and a sprinkling of Black Sabbath, including Fairies Wear Boots, and ending with Paranoid.

Not so sure about the big break Ozzy took in the middle of the gig, the more mature artiste does tend to do this I have noticed. Or it might be contractual so we could buy ice creams or something, the kiosk was open.

Packed gig but the bar was quite civilised, usually the bar is annoyingly busy, must be something to do with the crowd.

The only thing missing was a duet version of Changes with Florence, out of off of Florence Against The Machine. That would have been the icing on the cake.

Crazy Train:

💬 Ozzy Osbourne in Folkestone

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