Bank Holiday DIY

Bank Holiday DIY

Finally got round to fitting more smart light bulbs on the bank holiday Monday. Now just about the whole house is using the same Zigbee protocol, and I have disconnected the last of the LightwaveRF lights. In fact right now I should unplug the LightwaveRF hub as it's doing nothing. Farewell old friend, you were good for a while, and still your switches and sockets look better, but these others just work better for me and are a lot cheaper. I first fitted a Lightwaverf dimmer when were were expecting thing two, so must be nine years ago now. I have A TONNE of this stuff that I should try and sell now. It's nice that I can control the whole house from the button beside my bed, or the timers, or the voice control. The only places left without smart light bulbs are the main bathroom and the utility room. Do either of those need voice activated colour changing disco lights? Possibly not.

My tile arrived, and I set them up, so now what? I have attached one to my keys and one to my wallet. In theory if I lose them somewhere nearby I can make them play a sound to make them easier to find. If I lose them further afield I can use the power of the matrix to track them on a map. I'm tempted to chuck them in the back of a moving vehicle just to see how good it is. I can also use my keys or my wallet to find my phone too. I have two spare trackers, can I attach them to the boys?

I bought some more cryptocurrency too. That Dogecoin is up 15% in one day, it's crazy. I'm only putting small amounts in, would be lovely if all my money grew at that rate.

Did some work to streamline those exercise charts you might see on this page somewhere, honing my SVG skills. It doesn't look much different to how it did last week (except that it shows two weeks of step count, weight gain, etc instead of one) but under the covers its looking very neat indeed.

Thirty years ago today I was at Atom Seed in Portsmouth, my favourite band of the time for sure. Today in other years, The Darkness in 2002, Rosita and the Warm Jets in 2001, and Marion in 1995. Man alive the contrast is bad in this old Atom Seed flyer (click through for the original low contrast but colour version).

Country cases deaths
USA 33149740 590750
Brazil 14725975 406565
Mexico 2344755 216907
India 19549656 215523
UK 4418530 127524
Italy 4035614 121033
Russia 4814558 110520
France 5642359 104706
Germany 3412373 83702
Spain 3524077 78216
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Tue May 04 2021

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