Blog2007 ≫ Sleep easy families of South London

This gun crime problem among your children is surely close to resolution - BBC Breakfast today had the UK's least famous man Richard Blackwood1 in to give his point of view. I can only assume they had a real guest lined up who pulled out at the last minute, so some poor runner was rushing around TV centre at 6am looking for someone, anyone... It reminded me of a Chris Morriss Brass Eye spoof interview, or the time that cab driver they once interviewed by mistake... was Richard Blackwood1 really the best they could do?

Had a good week, totally dominated The Ship Inn quiz, well, we won the main bit of it anyway. I think we're going to be split up next time round, we were the only team of three.

Watched the new episodes of Lost, BACK on form or what? Was great to see Desmond's flashback-in-inverted-commas S03E08, surely entirely brought about by a bump on the head while on the island, though it was all a bit Wizard of Oz. Great to have an episode not centred around Jack, Kate, and Sawyer too.

Working hard on XML feeds and the like, really enjoying what I'm doing here at work, it's inspiring me to recode this site and Folkestone Gerald too if I can find the time.

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