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Thinking about myspace again today, as I looked at it yesterday, there was some piece in the guardian today about how Q Magazine "hilariously" made up a band and generated a buzz about them using myspace. I am a bit out of touch with modern pop music, but I do still share an office with people who work in the music industry, and no-one I know had heard any of this buzz. Seems like it was just a buzz on myspace, which doesn't really count for much - people who use myspace and link themselves to other peoples pages don't care if you're a real friend or a good band or a real person or anything, they just want to see their name and picture on as many people as possible. This is rubbish, the internet has eaten itself, can I get out now? If I had any skills at all that didn't relate to the web I'd like to turn my back on it all I think, I'm getting slightly concerned that the less the effect I have on the real world, the more I try to compensate on the internets, by writing about it on my weblog and things...

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As I said, I don't really have any real world skills, so I'll carry on as I am, on the popbitch board I posted this1 today, and felt some gratification at the comments there. Also I'm taking comfort in the fact people have been viewing and commenting on more of my pictures recently, though that's only because I've been whoring them by posting them to groups and things and things, it's all pretty sad.

Flickr and myspace are not the worst web communities of the day though, I'm saving that honour for youtube.com2. I saw this great video yesterday:

Really well made, it's some kind of satirical spoof technology though isn't it? None of the 300 odd responses to the video seem to recognise this, so I could be wrong, but far too many of those comments are really primitive spams, and the rest are all annoying children, it's even worse than digg.com3.

The internet is really annoying me today. Possibly it's just frustration at being unable to get any of my current ideas a) done, or b) noticed. What can I retrain in in the next six months?

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