Blog2006 ≫ Well at least it's good for the garden

Not a lot else to report, having a lot of trouble with spammers on here, so if you want to [reply]post a reply[/reply] I'm afraid you'll have to register1 now, until I can work something out.

Nice that the rain has cooled things down a bit, it was a bit of a shock though as it was sunny in Folkestone this morning and I don't have a jacket or owt.

New computer is still going well, though it seems to have turned itself off overnight when I left Azureus running. Not sure if that's built in anti piracy / environmental / power saving feature, or what.

Property news, I quite like the look of this shop on the Old High Street2. If I was getting any redundancy pay, I might have put it in there and opened yet another shop selling crystals and other shit gifts. Or, at that sort of price, maybe I could start a private detective agency there, or be a bounty hunter.

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