Blog2003 ≫ Five reasons not to believe "five reasons not to buy an IPOD"

It's good that someone is the devils advocado I suppose, but don't let this put you off owning a smashing gadget1...

Six-plus hours of [battery](/wiki/#battery) life is not always enough
Hmm, starts off with a good one, not that I'm in the habit of frequent journeys of more than EIGHT hours, but if I was I'd get one of these2...
Jogging with a hard drive-based player is not cool
"Some experts say that it's impossible to damage the drive in this way" well, that would be good enough for me. If I ever jogged3.
[The IPOD](/wiki/#ipod) is expensive
The standard excuse rolled out by people who are too poor, or have spent all their social security on glue and scratchcards. Work harder you jealous bums!4
You want to make high-quality digital recordings
Oh no, also I can't watch [Buffy the Vampire Slayer](/wiki/#buffy/the/vampire/slayer) on my [IPOD](/wiki/#ipod)! Also, why can't I make toast in my kettle? How rubbish is that, all devices should be able to do ALL THINGS... Who's to say this option won't be available with a free software update... that's one of my favourite things about this, I've not had a personal stereo that I could upgrade before...
You want a choice in online music stores

Ah, right at the end of the article5 they 'fess up - it's the best piece of kit around6.

💬 ipod and jogging

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