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It's been good for The Guardian I'm sure, I bought one today to see what the fuss was about; on BBC Breakfast this morning they were so wary of the story they didn't even have a copy of the Guardian on their desk with the other papers. Strange to watch news types discussing a story while being super cautious not to reveal any details of the story at all.

I wouldn't normally buy a paper, but I had some time to kill waiting for my prescription for ANTIBIOTICS and STEROIDS! I'm just about never ill, but I have picked up an ear infection somehow that has been driving me mad with pain the last couple of days. I thought I'd probably stabbed myself in the brain with a cotton bud scratching in my ear, but no, it was an infection that was making it itchy in the first place. The doctor seemed impressed by it and said something along the lines of "You SO have an ear infection", which means I've been a very brave soldier indeed I think. Missed half a day of work for this, what with running around between doctor and various pharmacies.

I've not reported on our weekend yet, it was great, we went to visit my Nan who has recovered fabulously from her hip operation. We also ate curry, partly saw the lunar eclipse, and very very much enjoyed Hot Fuzz.

Saw a monstrous accident on the M25 on the way back home, two cars cut up into bits to get people out of them.

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