Blog2006 ≫ Second day with no coat

And it's raining again, I didn't plan this very well at all... still it's warmer, so unless it's actually hoofing it down when I leave the house, the big coat stays in the cupboard.

Got home yesterday to two surprises, firstly a big old crate in the hallway with "this way up" and "glass" on it - an actual crate of real cider, a gift from Ralph and Linda for ushing at their wedding at the weekend, nice one! Also our blinds were in in our front room, we now have window coverage in every room. They're OK, not blown away with them or anything, maybe curtains would have been better...

My job list1 is mounting up, have a few more things to add to it, first of those being "fix the job list"... I started to make some improvements to it, and then got distracted, gazing out of the window or something.

Bit of uproar at work today2, but it's undoubtedly one of those things you're not meant to blog about, so sshhh.


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