Blog2018 ≫ Someone in a neighbouring cubicle is watching Home Alone

Am I the only person working on this last day before the holiday? Am I even working that hard if I have time to write this..?

In the office today, cycled in a bit early, hoping to leave early too. However I am dependent on a lift down the hill back to where my bike is, so fingers crossed it goes smoothly. Then to the Inn Doors for a cheeky couple of pints, then home so Clare can go for out with family and friends.

Went for a run yesterday, my only one of the week. It's hard when the weather is so bad! Needed to get one practice in, ready for the festive park run in the morning. Have not yet signed up for the boxing day run...

Last day in the office, then a lovely five days off. I will be working again before new year, but all from home, and it will be very quiet.

I'm sure I'll post again soon but just in case, happy new year!

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