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Tried to get the upstairs hall lightswitch moved over to home assistant the other day, connecting direct instead of via IKEA hub. It wasn't working, wasn't sure if it was the switch, the battery, or something else. Following the dongle wigglage debacle of the other day. Possibly it was the dongle, definitely it was the battery. It's now reset and working. These little IKEA dimmer switches that can turn on and off and dim can have several home assistant options. I've got a load of these, must check the batteries and try again with others that I thought were dead. I have a few of these shortcut buttons that you can do slightly less with I think, and are now £13 (were £5 or £6 when I bought mine). Looks like they might be phasing them out. I can find NONE of the actual swithces I'm talkign about. They used to come in a bundle with a bulb, but now all those bundles include the bigger switches that take AAA batterys instead of the 2032 coin cell ones that these do. The new ones are probably better, easier to get rechargeable batteries for them.

There are some suspiciously good deals on IKEA at the moment, I see three smart GU10s and a switch for £10, and then seemingly the same for £27. What is the difference?

The old one says

TRÅDFRI Remote control kit

The new one says

TRÅDFRI Remote control kit

Looks to be all the same values except the new says "class D" and the old one says "class E". Maybe the old set was just mislabeled and they need rid of it? Looks like a deal to me, though I am trying to move away from smart bulbs and going with dumb bulbs and smart switches.

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