Blog2006 ≫ Too busy being festive to update

Been doing all the usual things though, one lot of xmas drinks with some friends that I don't see often enough, no christmas drinks with other friends that I'm not going to see now until after christmas, what with living too far away, a great shame. Much eating and drinking, trying to get in training for the xmas period proper, and lots of telly watching too. Watched [artists]From Hell[/artist], the Jack the Ripper story starring Johnny Depp yesterday, that was great. Dad if you've not seen it, I'll get it for you. Damn, that could have been a christmas present!

In other telly news, if you get the chance, DO NOT WATCH Bones. We did, and it's rubbish. We picked it just because it was him from Angel, and didn't realise it was based on the books of Kathy Reich. If we'd known that we'd probably not have bothered. Everyone says it's a bit like CSI, though I'm hoping not as we're watching that next. We only sat through two episodes, in each one the team comes up with an animated 3D holographic reconstruction of a murder, from a few bits of bone, and it's so accurate that someone can say "doesn't that look like Jane Doe, who went missing only two years ago?" and the crime is solved. Oh, it's not just ordinary animated holograms either, you can touch them, it's very clever. Avoid, it's very bad.

Off out shopping today for two last presents, nothing like leaving it to the last minute. Doesn't feel exactly like the last minute though, as we're having quite an extended christmas eve. Thursday felt like it was the day as it was my last day working, then Friday did because it was a Friday and Clare's last day. Then today just feels like a spare day, hurry up, let's get to the main event. We didn't go out last night but will have a big night out tonight as brother-in-law Kev is visiting from The Americas, so that will be great. Tomorrow, if we're not sleeping and recovering surely we'll be climbing the walls, thinking "Is it christmas yet already? It's been going on for days!"...

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