Blog2008 ≫ More camera strangeness

I had a burst of five emails in a row from the camera, not sure if it's when I'd tweaked with the settings or not so no idea if it's working or not. Might try turning off the video attachment see if that's any easier on the email. Found lots of stuff here1, stuff that I wish I'd seen before choosing this camera really.

Poor Clare is stuck on a train back from London, they're stopped at Tonbridge, this page2 is predicting she'll only be ten minutes late in (ten minutes later than the train she's on is meant to be in, which is later than normal because she missed her normal train) but that's probably rubbish.

Ah it is rubbish, she got off at Tonbridge to find out what was going on, people at Tonbridge station have been told there are no trains going anywhere and busses are on the way, but they weren't announcing it on the trains yet so as not to cause a crush. Her folks are going to drive to Tonbridge and pick her up. On the plus side she is working from home tomorrow, and she will go sit in the pub and wait for her folks, but we'd both rather she was home. Time to stop working in London monkey!

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