Blog2018 ≫ Busy morning

Not just making the breakfast, and making tonight's penne arrabiata dinner before work today. Also receiving the Sainsbury's delivery, AND I still have the boys, they're not being picked up until 10.

Shopping is due here between 8 and 9. Of course it's going to take it right to the wire, to mess up me starting work on time.

Mr Sainsbury you have 14 minutes remaining.

Oh also another big delivery on the way today, a present for the boy's birthday. It's estimated to be here between 11:30 and 13:30 so that could mess up my lunchtime walk. Then I have to try and hide that, at least the boys will be out by then. Then I could try and assemble it before the birthday. The difficulty would be assembling it in a timely fashion - not too soon so it gets spotted, as it will be massive. More details later just in case the boy has started reading this blog, or alerts pop up on their tablets for some reason.

Work itself should be busy today I think we have a bit of a new plan / initiative to get more people logging in on the payment page on mobile devices.

Shopping just pulled up, with 11 minutes to spare...

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