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Great weekend with a visit to Folkestone by Mum and Dad, took a trip to Lympne Castle2, picked out some paint for the front room, and I DROVE A CAR, for the first time in about 8 years... piece of cake, I will be fine driving round the Americas.

Did quite a sweep of Folkestone establishments this weekend, went to Chambers twice, a quick drink on Friday night and then a more leisurely sit yesterday watching a band called Rosie's Dumplings3. Dreadful name, but good Irish folkie sort of stuff. Also checked out the Lord Morris on Guildhall Street, very odd boozer, and an odd crowd, if you can call half a dozen punters a crowd. Still, we drank booze and played pool and darts, can't complain. The pub looks sadly like it's about to close, but they make an effort, and we're going to go back there again. Mind you we said that about a similar style of pub in Stokey when we first moved here and we have NEVER been back to it.

Saturday we had a great meal with both sets of parents at La Bamba in Hythe, always love it there, though I'm not sure Mum's vegetable paella was up the standard of everyone elses meal. From there, on to The Clarendon in Sandgate, fast becoming my favourite pub in town. Fantastically friendly crowd in there that night, forcing free food on us all, the fire was roaring, and the range of beers had rotated. Dropped off the car and then on to The Clifton so driver Jim could have a beer too.

Our lovely new fire is now all covered up with masking tape and newspaper, and we've started painting the walls white, made a bit of a mess so far really... new carpet's being fitted on Tuesday, so we're going to have to be extra careful to cover that up.

Train delayed on the way back into London this morning, which has made us have more doubts about how we will cope with commuting in. STILL, got to give it a try, once we get into a routine we'll be cool I think.

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