Blog2006 ≫ BT Broadband

Might upgrade to this1, it's about what we're paying anyway... not sure if we can make use of the free calls without buying another phone, but it might work, and as a good techie I ought to be making full use of Skype and internet telephony generally. Faster broadband and no limits anyway. Not that I do masses of downloading, but if I did, this would come in handy...

There were delays on the Central line, but only a few minutes... very crowded though I think it must have been worst earlier. I seem to have just missed quite a few big delays recently, hope I'm not jinxing myself in saying that. This morning's train was slightly delayed, but that suited us, as it was the previous train that was running late, so was just in time to pick us up.

Is it nearly the weekend yet? Looking forward to doing almost nothing. Everyone else is off to the Classical Spectacular (but at the Albert Hall), but I'm staying home and trying to figure out why I can't watch any downloaded TV stuff on my little computer.

Not that I do a lot of downloading.

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