Blog2003 ≫ Black Beans

Why can I not get any black beans? Want to make a black bean chili after seeing a recipe in the Guardian at the weekend, but can find none anywhere... going to give it a go with just kidney beans, bit dull though...

Crapper of a day trying to sort out some security issues. Also had a weird dream about a colleague using a website we're both working on as part of an anti-abortion terrorist thing. When I approached him about this he looked at me as if I was mad. I should have approached him in the dream only, not in real life. This left me feeling odd all day.

I'm going to try and use this for a bit of back-blogging, for a laugh, like. And now we're going to try and make the computer talk to flatmate's IPOD, and then we're going to have tea.

💬 No joy with the IPOD

💬 Black Beans

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